IJ Fences can built several types of fences. There are three common types of fences. While this list will
give you a few items to consider, there are many variables that can affect which fence type will be best for
you. Call today to let IJ Fences help you choose the fence type that's best for you!

Cedar fencing is the most popular type of fencing in the northwest.  It is great for adding privacy! There many styles of cedar fences.  There are several types to choose from including dog ear, flat top, topcap, and lattice top.  Choose the type of fence for your style of home.  Choose the height of your fence. Picket fencing also available and variations of heights and styles.


Chain Link fences are very strong because they're made of steel wire woven into a grid pattern. Chain link fences are also available with built-in privacy slats, available in white, black or hunter green.

Vinyl fencing is a durable material that is virtually maintenance free. It doesn't need painting. It usually comes in hunter green, cream, brown, or white. It will also typically have a warranty by the manufacturer. It is a great investment that will increase the property value of your home!

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