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    Cedar Fencing
This Alternating Panel fence gives equal
facings on both sides. It also has a double
wide gate, suitable for giving vehicle
access. This is a great way to give access
to a small shop and still give a bit of
privacy and security.  
This Top Cap fence features oversized
posts and a rounded gate top for
improved visuals. The rounded gate helps
lend a friendly and inviting look to the
This is a good example of our Top Cap
fencing, showing strong simple lines and a
solid top for improved durability.
This shows the flat side of our Top Cap
fencing. It's smooth facing helps define the
edge of a yard or garden.
This is a Top Cap fence with lattice work
on top to give a more delicate look to the
fence. It can also support small
vine-based plants such as ivy, but
remember this will age your fence a bit
This is a Top Cap / Good Neighbor fence
with an arbor across the gate for
additional strength and beauty.
This new style designed and built by
Ignacio Jimenez really help define areas of
a yard while maintaining an open feel.
This design is a bit more labor intensive
but really pays off with a fantastic looking
This shot features a vertical lattice work.
The vertical and horizontal lines create a
more formal edge to the fence while still
maintaining viewability.
    Chain Link Fencing
Chain Link fencing helps establish a
secure backyard. It is easy to maintain
and holds up well under tough conditions.
For better privacy ask about our Chain
Link w/ plastic privacy slats preinstalled!
Our Chain Link fencing is a great way to
border a dog run. The metal holds up well
under tough conditions and make clean
up a breeze!
IJ Fences can install powder coated black
fencing. It gives a strong, sophisticated
border to an estate or office complex.
    Vinyl Fencing
IJ Fences' Vinyl products can border a
house or a community. It makes an
attractive fence material for extended runs
and is virtually maintenance free. Vinyl
fencing also helps increase your property
value because of it's beauty and
Vinyl fencing can be installed on a slope
using stepped top caps to maintain
vertical panels.
This is another vinyl fence IJ Fences
installed for a community in the Salem
area. It helps give the homes a sense of
unity and encourages a safer